Solidify is now Notable Prototypes.

Create clickable prototypes from sketches, wireframes, or visual mockups using Notable Prototypes. Simply upload screens, add hotspots to link them together and start testing your ideas with real users.

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Easily turn your designs into clickable prototypes

Don’t waste time re-creating designs to test flows - upload your sketches, wireframes, or mockups and use our simple web interface to quickly and easily create clickable prototypes.

Quickly find problems in your flows

User testing shouldn't wait until implementation. Use prototypes in your design process to see if users are able to accomplish a specific task and ask what they thought so you can start making decisions and improving your design.

Share your prototypes with the team

Get people driving through your application or website before you commit to code. Prototypes will get your ideas validated before it’s too late or too costly to make changes.

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